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Daily Shiva Prayer शिव प्रार्थना
It is clearly said in the all Ved Shastra Puran that the basic purpose of life is to reach Shiva to get Mokash by worship which lead you to ShivaShakti . Through daily prayers , one can communicate directly with Sumpreme Almighty. Additionally , it restrains the person from the bad habits and evil deeds. The Holy Shiva Puran, mentions that the key to heaven is Daily prayer daily worship.
Shiva worship , a word, binds every Shiva hindu on this planet from a divine thread that connects them to Supreme Shiva . It offers a wise path to His devotee to connect and know Shiva Shakti better. All Hindu perform Minimum Two times prayers a day as it is obligatory. If you do not offer prayers, Shiva Shakti will punish you on the day of judgment.

It is necessary for all devotee to offer the prayer at Shiva Temple with other Devotee on special occasions . The prayers must be said while facing in the direction of North , the place of the Shiva Kailash .
Morning A Call To Prayer
In Shiva Hindu communities, people are reminded of the worship by the daily calls to prayer, can be from Near by Temple .
When Was The Prayer Made Compulsory?
The importance of prayer has been well documented in the , many holy books.
That every hindu male or female has to offer the prayer, 2 times a day as there is no exemption from prayer. Whosoever does not perform this important religious obligation is breaking the Shiva law and will be punished on the Judgement day.
Cleaning Before Worship
Before going to offer the prayer, it is compulsory to washing of the hands, feet, arms, and legs, before praying. This cleaning remove negative effect and helps relax the nervous system and eases tension, stress, and anxiety.
The benefit of 2Times Prayer
(Morning Prayer)
Time for this prayer starts with the beginning of dawn and remain till the sun rises.
It is challenging to wake up early in the morning for prayer. However, praying at the beginning of the day, lighten up your day. It gives you positive energy and guidance. The Shiva says, that whoever offers the prayer Shiva surely will protect him throughout the day. So, try to offer Morning prayers to seek the protection and blessings of Shiva Almighty throughout the day. Early in the morning, super energy of all god goddess are sent by Shiva Almighty to witness the Shiva Devotee who are offering morning prayers. So, it is important to offer Morning prayer as it saves from the hell.
This prayer also open door to heaven . So, it is important to do good deeds at this time.
Woeship is the most important at Shiva Almighty showers his blessings on you if you offer prayers and will shield you from the fire of the Hell on the day of judgment.
You probably will have no reward for any other good deeds you have done in the life, as such if you miss this prayer.
will give you success in life as well as in the hereafter, prayer is important for your health and family. To increase your wealth, it is important to offer prayers regularly.

2- (Night Prayer)
prayer ends and remains until the midnight. If you offer this prayer, Shiva will reward you. So, make sure that you never miss the night prayers. Shiva will listen your pryer and will shower his blessings on you.
As it is the last prayer of the day, if you offer your prayer before sleep, you have more peaceful night. For the peaceful sleep, it is important to offer your prayers before sleep.
However, there are also other hindu prayers along with these 2 compulsory prayers. They are:
Offering prayer has many benefits such as spiritual, religious, physical, mental, social, economic, social, etc. Wirship will relax your mind and soul. It is highly beneficial to activate all the seven Chakras as per the Yogic philosophy. It is highly beneficial for body muscles and blood circulation.
Offering 2 times prayer a day is one of the most important pillars of Dharma. However, circumstances do sometimes arise where a prayer time may be missed. Tradition dictates that hindu should make up their missed prayer as soon as possible after they miss out any.
I did try collaborating all the information about worship and its meaning. If you would like to add your points or suggest improvements then please let me know in the comments below.

The chief purpose of Worship Shiva is to act as a person’s communication with and remembrance of God. By reciting “The Opening”, the first Mantra of the Shiva puran, as required in daily worship, the worshiper can stand before God, thank and praise him, and ask for guidance along the “Straight Path”.
In addition, daily worship reminds Hindu to give thanks for God’s blessings and that submission to God takes precedence over all other concerns, thereby revolving their life around Shiva and submitting to His will. Worship also serves as a formal method of remembering God.
Hindu believe that all Lord of God goddess offered daily prayers only to Shiva and were humble in submission to the oneness of God Shiva. Shiva hindu also believe that the main duty of the all Guru and Brahmin to teach mankind to humbly submit themselves to oneness of God Shiva.
In all holy book, it is written that: “For, Believers are those who, when God is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear his signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord
“To those whose hearts, when God is mentioned, are filled with fear, who show patient perseverance over their afflictions, keep up regular prayer, and spend (in charity) out of what we have bestowed upon them.”

Om Namastestu Bhagavan
Visvesaraya Mahadevaya
Trayambakaya Tripurantakaya
Trikagni – Kalaya
Kalagni – Rudraya Nil – Kanthaya Mrityunjaya
Sarvesvaraya Sadadhivaya
Sriman Mahadevaya Namah.

Om. I bow down to Lord Shiva, who is the creator and protector of the universe, who is the greatest among Gods, who has three eyes, who is the annihilator of all the three worlds, one whose throat is blue, who is the conqueror of death, who is the Lord of all, who is propitious who is possessed of all marks of greatness and who is the greatest among Gods. To him my prostration.


Shiv Dharma Sati


Sati was First Suicide burning Bomb.

Shiv Dharma शिव धर्म Sati great devotee of Shiva , first suscide burning bomb of Shiva who Sacrify herself to save Shiva dharma, protecter of true rule and regulation of Shiva dharma ,which is base on Safety of Universe and create strong connection with all human souls god goddess Avatar ,which born by Shivling .
To impose universal law and order which make life possible on earth .

Sati adhi SHAKTI as first supreme mother of Universe burn herself to death , save Shiva dharma as bomb explod to death All misfortune , negative people gather around to defeat Shiva Supreme God of Universe who created all Universe and all god goddess messenger human souls born by Shivling .
This is great massage by supreme mother and Shiva , who Did not follow true religion dharma , have to destroy sooner or later .


Thats how the Shakti Peetha came into existence. The most popular is based on the story of the death of the goddess Sati. Out of grief and sorrow, Shiva carried Sati’s body, reminiscing about their moments as a couple, and roamed around the universe with it. Vishnu had cut her body into 52 body parts, using his Sudarshana Chakra, which fell on Earth to become sacred sites where all the people can pay homage to the Goddess. To complete this massively long task, Lord Shiva took the form of Bhairava.
Shiva supreme god Shiva dharma.

Shiva Dharma true 😍

Shiva hindu are required to affirm daily,
as one of the five pillars of Shiv Dharma , that is “There is no god but Shiva, all lords, god goddess is the only messenger of Sadha Shivay.

Supreme God Shiva and the Shiva Dharma are considered in Shiva Hindu religion as the source of Universel universel law of Shiva.

Apostasy, that is a condition of Dharma for a Hindu to leave his religion or to blaspheme against it, is according to some Shiva hindu of law, a religious crime that is sometimes punished with death.
Blasphemy against God Shiva and against massanger god of Shiva and follower of Shiva, is a religious crime in Dharma.

The Shiv Purana and Ved Confirm and many of vedic discuss blasphemy and its punishment. A variety of actions, speeches or behavior can constitute blasphemy in Shiva Dharma .Some examples include insulting or cursing Shiva or Followers , mockery or disagreeable behavior towards beliefs and customs common in Shiva Hindu , finding faults or expressing doubts about Shiva, improper dress, drawing offensive cartoons, tearing or burning holy literature of Shiva, creating or using music or painting or video or novels to mock or criticize Shiva are some examples of blasphemous acts. Punishment can range from imprisonment, flogging to execution.

Open discussion and criticism of spiritual thoughts, ideas and deities is not allowed in Hinduism.
Shiva is true.
Sadha Shiva Supreme god of all god.

Shiv Dharma

Shiv Dharma True

शिव धर्म


Shiv Dharma शिव धर्म Shiv dharma – is Base of soul on five piller in Muladhar (Root) Chakra .
1 Shiv Dharma

2- Arath Wealth Lakshmi
3- Kaam Work Divine Love

4- Mokash Complete Liberation
5- Complete faith On Para Brahma Shiva


1- DHARMA Shiv dharma mean complete Victory this is the hidden seed inside Muladhar Chakra , this is connected with Arath Wealth , with energy of Shivling .
Arath , Wealth earn money with positive way .help people in need , devote your 10% income for Shiva dharma .

3- Kaam Divine Love to supreme god para Brahma sadha Shiva Shakti ,who born your soul by Shivling .
4- Mokash Liberation- After kundalini awaken reach to in front of Shiva in samadhi Sehsrar Chakra Soul attain complete liberation by Shakti .

5- Supreme God Shiva Shakti



Shiv Dharma शिव धर्म Shiv dharma – is Base of soul on five piller in Muladhar (Root) Chakra .


1- DHARMA Shiv dharma mean complete Victory this is the hidden seed inside Muladhar Chakra , this is connected with Arath Wealth Lakshmi , with energy of Shivling .
Arath , Wealth earn money with positive way , help people in need , devote Dakshina, your 10% income to promote Shiva dharma .

3- Kaam Divine Love to supreme god para Brahma sadha Shiva Shakti ,who born your soul by Shivling .
4- Mokash Liberation- After kundalini awaken reach to in front of Shiva in samadhi Saharara Chakra Soul attain complete liberation by Shakti .

5- Supreme God Shiva Shakti

Shiv dharma शिव धर्म True is Knowledge great when come by Supreme God Shiva . True Knowledge of Shiva is also great weapon like Brahma Astra or Trident which remove blockage negativity from chakra souls . Be activate by Shiva Shakti para Brahma para shakti is only one Shiva shiv+a= Shiva Two in one Purpose of Shiva dharma to introduce good things of Universe of Shiva to all people . Spread Brother hood with divine light of Shiva to all Universe all people . Add more and more people devotee each other add connect them all with Shiva Shakti . Ram was true devotee of Shiva , Krishna was true devotee of Shiva purpose of birth of Krishna to show light of para Brahma Shiva to world with maya illusion . All granth ved puran or fake if they Did not lead to Shiva . Purpose of Shiva to connect all souls with supreme soul source of true positive energy of para Brahma Shiva only one god inside you inside your Saharara Chakra. Formless para Shakti of Shiva is Above all cost religion system . All souls born by Shivlinga , so your worship reach very fast to Shiva . love to Shiva when you eat remember, Shiva when you work , work for Shiva dharma. sleep with supreme God Shiva . Your all sorrow all pain vanish , by Shower of Bless by Shiva . All fake guru , panth vanish in blue when power of Mahakali shakti of Shiva enter your life . Be a representative of Shiva Shakti Be warrior of Shiva dharma . Be proud of Shiva Shiva is life line inside chakra Kundalini ,creating life rethem , creating music of life OHM source of all voice . Your true strenth ,true religion true power full energy is only Supreme god Shiv shakti, with out Shiva (Shav) dead .

Guleria sadh Guru


Shiva Supreme god



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Shiv Shakti शिव धर्म

Satayam Shivam Sundram
Shiva is Truth .
Shiv dharma is a true virtue for anyone walking the path of Shiv Dharma because it keeps us real and dispels the veils of illusion that would otherwise bind us in life.
Shiva gave us a very easy way to understand that every being is part of the Divine creation of Shiv Shakti. The true Creator Para Brahma Shiva is within you and everyone inside Sahsrara Chakra. Chanting


with every breath we draw can help us realize that only One supreme positive energy inside you ,only you have to connect with him ,you have to make stronger family relation with Shiva , be his son ,be proud to be his son/doughter like Ganesha .
Door to Paradise secret door to complete liberation (Moksha) can be open only from Muladhar Chakra .
Be as Family members of Shiva Family ,be familiar with Shiva , more you become known to Shiva more easily you can reach high level of spiritual energy .
You can’t be like Shiva but you can be Son/doughter of Shiva .
Shiva is loveing super God father .
He love you as you love him ,he forgive your sin , he have to remove your sin make you clean .
What is meant by Shiv dharma? In Sanskrit, dharma comes from the verbal root dhr, which means to uphold, to integrate. Shiva dharma – uphold Muladhar Chakra from base of every soul , first seed of Dharma is to uphold SOUL .
If Root (Dhar) is weak no one can be strong .
So Shiva Dharma create strong base in Muladhar chakra ,so soul
So dharma is that which integrates, unifies. Many of us are disintegrated personalities. We appear to have two entities within us — “the ideal” and “the actual”. What we think, feel, speak and do is very often, disconnected. This lack of integration results in conflict both within ourselves and also with others around us. So dharma helps to integrate our character. A person who is integrated within — in thought, word and deed — is truly happy. Some are integrated in thinking and acting wickedly! But that only creates conflict, sorrow ,sin , which is not a function of Shiva dharma. The opposite of dharma is adharma, which means: “that which disintegrates”.


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SHIVA supreme god of universe ,all god goddess human soul born by shivlinga.

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